YearNational HS Division / Other Division if LocalSummary
1981-1994Dual event, not tourneyFrom 1981 to 1994, the Virginia Duals featured individual duals meets between teams. The first 6 years included exclusively schools from Virginia. Beginning in 1987, teams from Mid-Atlantic states began participating as well.
1988North Schuylkill becomes 1st District 11 team to participate and score wins over Virginia AAA & AA state champs - Great Bridge 34-25 and Grundy 34-24, respectively.
1989Phillipsburg split a pair of duals defeating Cox but losing to Great Bridge.
1990No local teams participate.
1991Nazareth made their first of many appearances and defeated Kempsville and Western Branch.
1992No local teams participate.
1993Northampton easily defeated Green Run and Kempsville to solidify their #1 national ranking. Phillipsburg again split 2 duals by beating Western Branch but losing 27-25 to Green Run.
1994Nazareth defeated Great Bridge 46-6 and highly ranked Grundy 47-12.
1995Parkersburg South WVWith the format changing to a dual invitational, Parkersburg South WV defeated Line Mountain PA 41-21 to take the first VA Duals title.
1996NazarethThe Duals expanded to three different divisions. Sixteen teams were participating in the National Invitational. In addition, the American and Black & Blue Divisions were established as well. Nazareth defeated Parkersburg WV 47-14 in the semi's and Grundy VA 35-15 in the finals to easily win the title.
1997NazarethNazareth & Liberty both participated in the Duals and met in the semi-finals. The Blue Eagles won 34-18 and went on to defeat St. Mark's DE 42-14 in the final. Liberty came back to place 4th.
1998Great BridgeTwo-time defending champ Nazareth lost to Great Bridge 43-18 in the semi's and finished 4th. Great Bridge went on to defeat St. Mark's 41-21 in the final.
1999ParklandParkland made their 1st trip to the duals count. The Trojans defeated Moeller OH 39-22 in the semi's before topping defending champ Great Bridge 39-24 by dominating the middleweight action.
2000Archbishop Moeller OH
Freedom (American)
Archbishop Moeller defeated Calvary Chapel CA 27-2 to win the title. Defending champ Parkland was 1-2 and did not place. Freedom participated in the American Division and won the title by defeating West End Branch 43-29.
2001GrundyGrundy (perennial VA AA state champ) doubled up Great Bridge (perennial VA AAA state champ) 44-22 in the finals to win their first title. Nazareth dropped a tough 35-33 semi match up against Great Bridge, but came back to take 3rd place.
2002Great BridgeNazareth, Liberty and Freedom all made the trip to Virginia. The Blue Eagles and Patriots advanced to the semi's with Nazareth triumphing 31-22. In the finals, the lost 54-18 to Great Bridge. The Patriots came back nipping Parkersburg South 32-31 and Camden Catholic 31-29 to finish 3rd. Liberty was 1-2 and did not place. In the American Division, Bethlehem Catholic was 1-2 and did not place.
2003Great BridgeNazareth and Liberty were both back in the National bracket but dropped their 1st round matches to Parkersburg South and Great Bridge, respectively. The Blue Eagles won five bouts in a row, including gaining revenge over Parkerburg South, to take 3rd place. Liberty won 3 matches before dropping one. Great Bridge defeated State College 37-18 to win the title. In the American division, Freedom was 3-2 and did not place.
2004NorthamptonNorthampton, Nazareth & Liberty were all in the National bracket. The Kids won their first 3 matches easily and then beat Great Bridge 37-23 in the finals. Nazareth dropped their semi-final match against Great Bridge 41-22, but came back to take 4th. Liberty who lost to Great Bridge in the quarters finished 2-2 and did not place.
2005Great Bridge
Liberty (American)
Northampton, Nazareth & Freedom all participated in the National Bracket but none were able to place. Great Bridge defeated Christiansburg 42-16 to win their 3rd title in 4 years. In the American Division, Liberty beat Canon-McMillan 27-24 in the final to take the top spot.
2006Great BridgeNazareth, Liberty, Freedom & Whitehall were all in the main bracket at the Virginia Duals. Nazareth advanced to the semi-finals but lost to Great Bridge 30-18. They came back to beat St. Mark’s to finish 3rd. Great Bridge again defeated Christiansburg in the final 34-32.
2007NazarethNazareth and Liberty were again participating in the National Bracket. Liberty lost to Great Bridge who was then upended by Christiansburg 31-29 in the semi’s. Meanwhile, the Blue Eagles defeated Camden Catholic 38-24 in the semi's and then Christiansburg in the finals 31-29. Liberty finished 1-2.
2008ChristiansburgPhillipsburg joined Nazareth & Liberty in the 2008 field. Both the Stateliners and Blue Eagles lost to eventual champion, Christiansburg. Phillipsburg came back to take 3rd defeating Buchanan CA 28-23. In the finals, Christiansburg downed Eastern Regional NJ 34-20.
2009ChristiansburgChristiansburg repeated by defeating St. Mark's 29-27 in the final. Liberty was 3-2 while Nazareth was 1-2; the Hurricanes fell 1 win short of placing.
2010St. Mark's DEThere were 3 Lehigh Valley entries and all 3 made the semi-finals! After 2 close wins, Liberty faced Nazareth, and the Blue Eagles triumphed 45-24. Phillipsburg dropped its semi to St. Mark’s 42-20. In the finals, it was St. Mark's, who had come close several times before, taking the gold with a 37-29 win over Nazareth. Both Liberty and Phillipsburg lost close bouts in the consy finals and did not place.
2011Wyoming SeminaryNazareth was edged by Christiansburg 33-28 in the semi-finals. The Blue Eagles came back to nip Canon-McMillan 32-26 and South Plainfield 30-28 to take 3rd. Wyoming Seminary clipped Christiansburg 33-27 to win the National Division title. Liberty was the top-seeded team in the American Division but lost to Faquier 44-26 in the semi's and finished 4th.
2012Canon-McMillanNazareth was upended in the first round and did not place. Canon-McMillan easily won the National Division title. Liberty lost to Ocean Lakes 50-15 in the final of the American Division to place 2nd.
2013South Plainfield NJNazareth lost to eventual champ, South Plainfield, in the quarterfinals and fell one match short of placing. South Plainfield defeated McDonogh 32-30 to win the National Division. In the American Division, Liberty again made the finals but lost a heartbreaker, 32-31, to Lexington.
2014Don Bosco Prep NJ
Liberty (American)
Nazareth cruised into the finals but then dropped a 32-30 match to Don Bosco Prep. The fourth time was the charm as Liberty easily won the American Division title including a 44-18 win in the finals over Peters Twp. Freedom participated for the 1st time and lost in the quarterfinals but battled back to take 3rd.
2015Colonial Forge
Freedom (American)
Nazareth lost to eventual champ, Colonial Forge, 45-15 in the semi's and finished 4th. With Liberty not participating, it was their crosstown rival, Freedom, that ascended to the top spot in the American Division. The Patriots defeated Haddonfield 31-28 in the finals.
2016NazarethNazareth won their 4th Virginia Duals title by defeating Northern Lebanon 46-21 in the finals. No L.V. teams participated in the American Division.
2017NazarethNazareth defeated South Dade 34-28 in the finals to repeat their National Division title. Liberty lost to Christiansburg and did not place.
2018Erie Cathedral PrepNazareth's bid for a three-peat was upset by McDonogh 30-29 in the semi's, but they came back to take 3rd. Erie Cathedral Prep downed McDonogh 38-18 to win the title.
2019South Plainfield NJNazareth lost to eventual champ, South Plainfield, 30-25 in the quarters. South Plainfield went on to defeat St. Augustine Prep 37-17 in the finals. Liberty dropped a close 29-27 match to St. Augustine in the semi’s. Nazareth battled back to defeat Liberty 26-26 on criteria in the consy semi's and then 37-26 over Erie Cathedral Prep to take 3rd.
2020McDonough MDFor the 3rd year in a row, Nazareth took 3rd place in the National Division. The Blue Eagles lost 35-30 to McDonogh who went on to beat Erie Cathedral Prep 40-30 in the finals. Nazareth defeated Canon-McMillan 40-17 for 3rd.

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