(Renamed Tom Best Memorial Tournament in 2015)

YearTeam ChampionSummary
1971WilliamsportThe host Williamsburg squad outdistanced Mifflinburg and 14 other teams in the inaugural tournament.
1972WilliamsportThe hosts had 7 champs in winning the tourney followed by Mifflinburg with 3 champs.
1973ReynoldsReynolds easily won the team title with 5 champs. North Schuylkill was 2nd and crowned 1 champion in Bob Harris who was named the OW. Host Williamsport finished 3rd.
1974Saucon ValleySaucon Valley had 4 champs while Liberty had 2 champs in their 1st year in the tournament to finish 1st & 2nd in the team race. Saucon Valley's Rick Rodriguez was OW at 138.
1975LibertyLiberty won the team title with two champs. Brian Statum who defeated Rick Rodriguez 3-1 at 155 was named OW. Saucon Valley placed 2nd with 2 champs.
1976ReynoldsReynolds won the team title while Liberty was 2nd with 3 champs.
1977Lock HavenIn a tight team race, Lock Haven with 2 champs won the title followed by Crestwood (3 champs) and Liberty. Altoona's Mark McCall was named OW after defeating WVW’s state champ John Brennan 4-2 at 105.
1978LibertyWith 3 champs, the Hurricanes won their 2nd Top Hat title. Jersey Shore was 2nd.
1979Jersey ShoreWith 4 finalists Jersey Shore was able to move to the top spot. Altoona was a distant 2nd in the team race.
1980EastonIn an expanded field, Easton and Shikellamy waged a battle for the Top Hat title. Both teams had 3 champs & 2 runner-ups, but the Rovers edged the Braves by ½ point in a classic battle. Andy Causa's OT win over Greg Auman at 138 was a key to Easton’s win. The tight result set up a "challenge dual" at Shikellamy in early 1981.
1981ShikellamyWith 4 champs, Shikellamy handily won the team title. Liberty was 2nd and Saucon Valley 3rd.
1982St. EdwardsOhio powerhouse, St. Edwards joined the field in 1982 and immediately took a very competitive field up another level. St. Ed's crowned 6 champs to run away with the team title. Shikellamy, which won the 1st 3 weights, was 2nd and Easton was 3rd. Shik’s Paul Gemberling dealt Jack Cuvo his 2nd and last loss of his high school career 9-8.
1983St. EdwardsSt. Edwards again had 6 champs to win the team title. Shikellamy and Easton wee again 2nd and 3rd, respectively.
1984St. EdwardsAnother year - same result. St. Edwards had 6 champions to win the team title and Shikellamy was 2nd. Easton moved to the Manheim tourney. Shik's John Supsic became the 1st wrestler to win 4 Top Hat titles.
1985WilliamsportSt. Ed's did not return for a 4th year and Shikellamy followed Easton’s lead of a year earlier and moved to Manheim. Williamsport won their first title since 1972 with 3 champs. Liberty and newcomer North Penn each had 3 champs to finish 2nd and 3rd, respectively.
1986HazletonWith 3 champs and 2 runner-ups, Hazleton outdistanced Penns Manor to win their first team title.
1987Bald Eagle AreaIn a tight team race, Bald Eagle Area edged host Williamsport and Nazareth for the team title. The Blue Eagles had 3 champs – Brad Silimperi, Mike Miller and Ken Herceg. Saucon Valley was 9th.
1988NazarethNazareth upended Bald Eagle Area 169-161 on the strength of 2 champs (Brad Silimperi & Mike Miller) and 9 total place winners.
1989NazarethNazareth repeated their team title with Bald Eagle Area again finishing 2nd. Brad Silimperi & Mike Miller each won their 3rd titles while Mike Herceg won his first over Saucon Valley’s Tom Koch 7-6 at 130. Saucon Valley was 10th.
1990Bald Eagle AreaBald Eagle Area had 4 champs to defeat Nazareth by 3 points in the team race. Dan Tashner & Ryan Nunamaker (who was named OW) won individual titles. North Schuylkill was 9th.
1991NazarethThe Blue Eagles were back on top by edging Susquenita by 3.5 points to win the team title. Sean Topping & Ryan Nunamaker won titles while Dan Tashner lost a wild 14-11 bout to Bob Crawford. North Schuylkill was 8th.
1992Bald Eagle AreaWith Nazareth not participating after 5 years, Bald Eagle Area took the team title. North Schuylkill place 8 and moved up to 3rd.
1993WilliamsportThe hosts won their first title in 8 years by coming back to pass North Schuylkill in the final round.
1994Erie PrepErie Prep won the team title while North Schuylkill again finished 2nd. Rick Bolinsky won a title for the Spartans.
1995Bald Eagle AreaBald Eagle Area edged Shikellamy for the team title. North Schuylkill was 10th as Kevin Rentschler placed 1st at 152.
1996Bald Eagle AreaBEA ran away with the team title; North Schuylkill was 9th.
1997Schuylkill ValleySchuylkill Valley nipped Bald Eagle Area by 3 points for the team title. North Schuylkill was 14th and Whitehall was 15th.
1998WyalusingWyalusing had 7 finalists to run away with the team title. Whitehall crowned two champs in Michael Perinotti and Christian Franco.
1999WyalusingWyalusing had 5 champs to outdistance Milton to win the team title. Whitehall was 10th with both Michael Perinotti and Christian Franco repeating their titles.
2000Central MountainCentral Mountain had 10 place winners to win the team title. Mike Perinotti and Christian Franco each won their 3rd straight championships.
2001Central DauphinDepth again triumphed as Central Dauphin was 1st over Shikellamy. Whitehall led a tight pack of teams which finished 3rd - 6th. The Zephyrs had 4 champs including Mike Perinotti & Christian Franco who each won their 4th straight Top Hat titles. Jay Morrison and Joey Attieh also won titles.
2002Cumberland ValleyCumberland Valley had 4 champs to edge defending champ Central Dauphin. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2003Cumberland ValleyCumberland Valley repeated - this time by edging Erie Cathedral Prep. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2004Red LionRed Lion won a very competitive team race over Central Dauphin, Erie Cathedral Prep & Cumberland Valley. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2005Cumberland ValleyCumberland Valley won their 3rd title in 4 years while Indian Valley was 2nd. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2006Cumberland ValleyCumberland Valley won their 4th title in 5 years over talented squads from Central Mountain and Central Dauphin. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2007Central DauphinCentral Dauphin had 4 champs to surpass Central Mountain. Kenny Courts defeated Dylan Alton 9-6 at 135 and won the OW. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2008Central DauphinCentral Dauphin easily repeated their team title but saw some of their individual stars upended. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2009Erie Cathedral PrepErie Cathedral won a tight team race over Schuylkill Valley and Cumberland Valley. Defending two-time champ Central Dauphin was not in the field. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2010Central MountainCentral Mountain easily outdistanced Line Mountain for the title. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2011Central MountainCentral Mountain was 1st and Bald Eagle Area was 2nd. No Lehigh Valley teams participated, but District 11's Tri-Valley was in the field.
2012Central ColumbiaCentral Columbia knocked Central Mountain out of the top spot. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2013Central MountainCentral Mountain nipped South Western by ½ point for the team title. Tri-Valley had a solid performance with 2 runner-ups and 5 other placers.
2014Central MountainCentral Mountain won their 4th title in 5 years. Tri-Valley placed 2nd with 2 champs (Chase Schaeffer & Anthony Snyder) and 3 runner-ups.
2015Jersey ShoreThe Tournament was renamed "The Tom Best Memorial Top Hat Tourney" in honor of the late Tom Best, former Williamsport 4-time state finalist and 1989 state champ. Jersey Shore outdistanced Central Mountain by 20 points. Tri-Valley was 13th as Sammy Hepler won at 132.
2016Central MountainCentral Mountain won another title with Line Mountain placing 2nd. Tri-Valley's Sammy Hepler repeated his title.
2017Cental MountainCentral Mountain and Line Mountain finished 1-2 again. Tri-Valley was 16th.
2018Saucon ValleySaucon Valley had not participated in a Top Hat tourney for 25+ years, but they were back and finished in the top spot. The Panthers had 6 champs (Chris Arciuolo, Jason Jones, Thomas Spirk, Nick Rosengrant, Matt Arciuolo & Nick Warnke). Central Mountain was 2nd and Line Mountain was 3rd.
2019Saucon ValleyThe Panthers repeated their title with 13 placers and 2 winners as Matt Arciuolo & Nick Warnke repeated their wins). Central Mountain was 2nd. Palisades was 14th with 5 placers.