YearTeam ChampionSummary
Jan-96EastonThe Rovers made the trip west to Reno to compete in the first TOC. Waiting for them was 2nd ranked Walsh Jesuit and 30 other teams. Jamarr Billman was 1st while Chris Kelly, Bryan Snyder and Eric Greshko finished 2nd as Easton topped Walsh 188-181 for the team title.
Jan-97Blair AcademyBlair Academy had 4 champs to win the team title over Choctaw OK. Walsh Jesuit edged Easton for 3rd. The Rovers had 2 champs in Jamarr Billman and Bryan Snyder. Willie Saylor was 2nd. Future Iowa St. NCAA champs Cael Sanderson and Joe Heskett both won titles.
Jan-98Choctaw OKIn a very tight team race Choctaw finished ahead of Idaho Falls ID and Buchanan of Clovis CA. Easton placed 6th as Tom Ferraro and Chris Jones both took 2nd along with 3 other place winners.
Dec-98NorthamptonThe tournament shifted from January to December and now included 45 teams. Northampton joined Easton in making the trip west. The Kids made the trip count as Seth Lisa & Phil Hard won titles. Tommy Rohn was 2nd and the Kids had three more medalists as they won the team title in a field that included 12 of the nation’s top 25 ranked teams. Gino Fortebuono was 2nd to lead Easton who had 4 other placers to finish 5th.
1999Wasatch UTWasatch UT outdistanced Easton by 10.5 points for top team honors in an 80-team field. Gino Fortebuono avenged a defeat from last year’s RTOC finals and beat Wasatch’s Rich Cordova at 130. The Rovers had 5 other medalists. Northern Lehigh and Bethlehem Catholic both made their first appearances and had 2 placers each.
2000Calvary Chapel CACalvary Chapel finished ahead of Broken Arrow OK. Easton led the local attendees by finishing 4th as Gino Fortebuono won his 2nd straight title and the Rovers had 5 other placers. Champs included future NCAA champs Joe Williams & Jake Rosholt. Upper Perk's Derek Zinck won the 152-pound title.
2001EastonEaston was back on top with 245 points to Great Bridge VA 237.5. Matt Ciasulli won the 125-pound title, and the Rovers had 8 more medalists.
2002EastonEaston won their 2nd straight title handily over Poway CA. Seth Ciasulli, Mike Rogers and Mike Lear all won titles for the Rovers. Alex Krom was 2nd while Bryan Hart and Sean Richmond were both 3rd in a strong performance.
2003Wasatch UTEaston again had 3 champs - Josh Oliver, Seth Ciasulli and Jason Groller - as they finished 3rd in the team race. Alex Krom was 2nd. Wasatch was 1st and Bakersfield was 2nd.
2004EastonThe Rovers won their 3rd title in 4 years edging Wasatch by 4 points as Seth Ciasulli and Alex Krom won titles and Jordan Oliver was 2nd. Ciasulli was named OW, and three other Easton wrestlers earned medals. Emmaus had 3 place winners in a solid showing.
2005Alamosa COAlamosa won two finals' bouts to overtake Easton for 1st place. Jordan Oliver won the 103-pound title.
2006EastonEaston was back on top and Upper Perkiomen finished 2nd. Jordan Oliver lost to Nikko Triggas in the finals at 119 as he had in the ’04 TOC finals at 103. Kegan Handlovic was also 2nd, and the Rovers had 4 additional medalists. Zach Kemmerer (1st), Shane Smith (2nd) & Chris Sheetz (3rd) led Upper Perk. Northwestern had 3 placers while Pleasant Valley had 2.
2007EastonEaston won their 6th overall team title over Wasatch by almost 20 points. Mark Hartenstine and Jordan Oliver both finished 1st while Joey Rizzolino and Kegan Handlovic were 2nd. Rizzolino lost to Pleasant Valley’s Jordan Toledo at 103. Pleasant Valley had 2 additional medalists as they finished a solid 15th.
2008Phillipsburg NJPhillipsburg used a balanced attack with 6 medalists to win the team title. Easton had 4 placers to finish 8th.
2009Poway CAPoway was able to nip Easton by ½ point to deny the Rovers another team title. Mark Hartenstine won his 2nd title while Mitch Minotti finished 2nd. The Rovers had 2 additional placers; Pleasant Valley had 2 medalists and placed 11th. An unseeded Isiah Martinez was among the champs and a young Bo Nickal placed at 103; future NCAA champ Jesse Delgado placed at 125.
2010EastonEaston was back on top outpacing Union-Tulsa OK by almost 20 points. The Rovers had 7 placers with Mitch Minotti winning the 145-pound title.
2011Poway CAPoway had 12 medalists to cruise to the team title. Easton had 5 placers to finish 3rd , including Peter Stanley and Tyler Greene who both were runner-ups. Defending champ Mitch Minotti was held out with an injury. Pleasant Valley’s was 5th as unseeded Michael Dahlstrohm topped Stanley to win at 126 while Sean Bianco was 2nd and Kenny Yanovich was 3rd.
2012Canon-McMillanThe Mighty Macs edged Poway by 4 points to win the team title. Easton had 4 medalists to finish 7th.
2013Poway CAPoway was back on top with their 3rd title in 5 years as they finished 14.5 points ahead of Pleasant Grove. Phillipsburg got a 2nd from Jake Kocsis and 3rd from Brandon Paetzell to finish 9th. Easton had 2 medalists and was 11th.
2014Poway CAPoway was the team champ in the 20th annual Reno TOC. Easton, who participated in all 20 tourneys had 3 placers including runner-up Jacob Montes to finish 8th.
2015Poway CAPoway won their 3rd straight title. Easton finished 3rd as Evan Fidelibus and Jimmy Saylor both won titles. The Rovers had one additional medalist while Emmaus was 18th with 3 placer winners.
2016Pomona COWith Poway not competing, Pomona topped Choctaw OK wo win the team title. After 21 years, Easton no longer made the trip to Reno.
2017Poway CAPoway had 8 medalists and topped Buchanan by 11 points to win the team title. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2018Poway CAPoway had 8 medalists and topped Allen by 6 points to win the team title. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.
2019Poway CAPoway again had 8 medalists and topped Allen by an even thinner margin of 4.5 points to win the team title. No Lehigh Valley teams participated.

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