Over the years, there have been some great rivalries. Twenty-five times (to date) two District XI wrestlers have met in the PIAA State Finals. In fact, twenty-one of those times, the same wrestlers faced each other in the District, Regional and State Finals:

1975A185Gary Albright (SV) vs. Mike Brown (BC)Brown 7-3Brown 5-2Albright 10-5
1976AAA105Jim Zenz (SV) vs. Henry Callie (Ea)Zenz 3-1Zenz 6-5Zenz 5-2
1980AAA105Jim Bresnak (Lib) vs. Doug Billig (Par) vs. Mike Levanduski (Whi)Billig 6-1 over Levanduski; Levanduski 1-1, 1-0 OT over Bresnak in SFBresnak 6-4 over Billig & 3-3, 3-1 OT over Levanduski in SFBresnak 4-3 over Billig & 3-3,0-0 RD over Levanduski in SF
1980AAA185Bernie Brown (BC) vs. John Connelly (ACC)Brown 5-0Brown 6-2Brown 6-3
1981AAA119Randy Ascani (Ea) vs. Vince Stravino (BC)Ascani 3-1Stravino 6-6, 6-6 OT CriAscani 6-4
1986AA132John Fidelibus (Sal) vs. Mark Cesari (NS)Fidelibus 6-5Cesari 12-8Fidelibus 7-1
1987AAA145Scott Hovan (WA) vs. Tom Marchetti (Ea)Hovan 5-1Marchetti 11-7Hovan 6-3
1991AA125Ivan Rosario (NL) vs. J.J. Fasnacht (PG)Fasnacht 7-3Fasnacht 5-3Rosario 2-2 OT Cri
1993AA135Brian Nesfeder (Sal) vs. Steve Klass (Wil)Nesfeder WBF 1:15Nesfeder 8-4Nesfeder WBF 3:43
1993AA140Mike Garcia (MC) vs. Brett Werkheiser (Wil)Garcia 8-6Werkheiser 8-6Garcia 6-5
1995AA112Jeremy Dogmanits (NL) vs. Dan Ziegler (SV)Dogmanits 3-2 in SFDogmanits 6-3Dogmanits 5-2
1996AAA130Jamarr Billman (Ea) vs. Andy Cote (Naz)Billman 16-4Billman 10-4Billman 11-4
1997AA130Bryan Klass (Wil) vs. Keith Blose (NL)Klass 11-4Klass by Forfeit & WBF 2:46 (*)Klass 5-0
1998AA135Cory DeBias (NL) vs. Justin Olano (TV)DeBias 15-6DeBias WBF 5:51 (*)DeBias 8-3
2001AA135Jacob Warner (PG) vs. Matt Edwards (NS)Warner 5-2Warner 3-2Warner 3-0
2001AAA130Gino Fortebuono (Ea) vs. Seth Lisa (No)Lisa 3-1 OT ROLisa 3-2Fortebuono 1-1 TB
2002AAA140Christian Franco (Whi) vs. Dan Brown (Ea)Franco 1-0Franco 8-1Franco 6-1
2006AA125Scott Clymer (NW) vs. Adam Hluschak (NL)Hluschak WBF :39Did not meetClymer 8-2
2007AAA112Kegan Handlovic (Ea) vs. Taylor Brown (Em)Did not meetHandlovic 3-2Handlovic 7-4
2008AAA130Jordan Oliver (Ea) vs. Josh Kindig (BM)Oliver 11-3Oliver 8-4Oliver 4-2
2017AAA120Julian Chlebove (NH) vs. Luke Werner (Lib)Chlebove 9-2Chlebove 12-2Chlebove 13-3
2017AAA138Sammy Sasso (Naz) vs. Dan Moran (NH)Sasso 13-5Sasso 7-4Sasso 8-0
2019AAA132Julian Chlebove (NH) vs. Kenny Herrmann (BC)Chlebove WBF 4:58Chlebove 9-2Chlebove 6-2
2020AAA132Kenny Herrmann (BC) vs. Patrick Noonan (Str)Herrmann 7-5 SVNoonan 1-0Herrmann 1-0
2020AAA145Cole Handlovic (BC) vs. Jagger Condomitti (NH)Condomitti 7-3 SVHandlovic 8-4Handlovic 3-2

(*) During 1997 and 1998, the AA Southeast Regionals was run with a double-elimination format. As a result their was a “Winners’ bracket final” and “Championship final”. In 1997, Cory DeBias & Justin Olano met in the Championship final only. In 1998, Bryan Klass & Keith Blose met in both finals.