Lehigh Valley Wrestling History – Frequently Asked Questions

Q,  Why did you start this site?

A.  I’ve been a wrestling fan my entire life and grew up going to matches with my Dad. He and his friends told me many stories over the years about wrestling in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  After my Dad, Dick King, and several prominent coaches (Ray Nunamaker and Tony Iasiello) passed away, I decided to research my Dad’s time wrestling and coaching.

Q.  What is the goal of the website?

A.  The goal is tell the story of how wrestling started and grew in the Lehigh Valley. It the story of the coaches, wrestlers and teams that established the tradition, rivalries and foundation for how the Lehigh Valley became one the best areas for wrestling in the entire country.

(Photo Courtesy of Rich King)

Q.  How was the content for the website compiled?

A.  The content written and records compiled after researching online yearbooks from several sites, many hours at the Allentown Public Library reviewing microfilm from The Allentown Morning Call, stories that I heard firsthand and interviewing former coaches, wrestlers and fans. Going forward, we will be enhancing the content primarily from interviews and also at the Easton Public Library.

Q.  Will additional years be added to the site? When?

A.  Yes. I’m not sure how many years we will ultimately cover.  Research is already under way on the balance of the 1970’s.  We’ll see where things go from there.  On the timing, it will likely be some time later in 2017.

Q,  I have a scrapbook and pictures – are you interested in seeing any of them?

A,  You bet. One of the original goals of starting a website (versus writing a book) is that the website can by collaborative and dynamic.  If you have information that can enhance the site, fill in a gap or provide new information or stories, we’d love to hear from you.  Please follow this link:  http://lehighvalleywrestlinghistory.com/contact-us/please-submit-your-stories-photos/ and let us know what information you have and your contact info.

Q.  Is there anything specific content that you are most interested in right now?

A.  Yes, there are a few things, in particular for years up through 1980 (for now): rivalries, first hand stories about coaches and relationships between coaches, first hand stories and photos of memorable wrestling matches and information on the PCIAA’s (Catholic high school championships).